Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Christmas Story

Wednesday Night 12-3-08 Sunday Morning 12-7-08

Greeter: Susan-

Greeters must be there by 9:30 for Sunday and 6:30 for Wednesday night, to start checking children in

Bathroom: Melody

–take children as they arrive-record 2 year olds bathroom breaks

Early arrival activity: (Bill-Sunday) (Rita-Wednesday)

· Game #1-donkey scooter race-put a donkey tail on each scooter and the children race to the finish line

· Game #2-donkey pull- children ride on a long donkey and it is pulled by a teacher the first person wears a donkey ears and hee-haws

· Game #3-students will cut out a star cookie to be cooked for their snack.

10:00/7:00 Praise and Worship: Wanda

  • Babies return to their room

Power Verse/Offering: Randy-Sunday, Susan-Wednesday

Children take old flashlights and answer a series of situations relative to their ages by shining their lights if the person is showing Jesus to others.

Story: Sunday:

Susan and Dr. Blue, Wednesday-Rita (flood lamp)

The birth of Jesus

· Hunt for Jesus (while twinkle)-children will look for the star that shows them where Jesus is. (location-CE building). Then they will come back and the story will begin. The star had to shine bright to show them where Jesus was. When we are at school, stores, ballgames, we can shine bright to show that Jesus lives inside of us and to show who Jesus is.

· Do bathroom break at this time before moving into the craft/snack/games


students will create their own Christmas star-Wednesday (I will bring the items for this)

Sunday-nativity activity

Game: 2yr room-Susan, 4yr. room-Randy

Christmas Star toss- Using bean bags-a board will be made with objects on it along with about two or three Christmas Stars. Students are to take turns tossing their beanbags trying to get them on the stars. Like tic-tac-toe

Sunday Snack: Sugar cookie stars

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