Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ok Life is hectic and I'm making excuses!

Ok so I haven't posted in quite some time. I want to thank Paul for his continued support and sending me some fantastic posts. Christmas time has been rather busy for me... and I've also been a little bummed that less of you have been posting. If this is going to be a center for change and transformation, then I expect someone to challenge something that somebody says!

Apathy kills. It kills when you sit and watch someone else do something stupid, it kills when you let people fall away from their core and you just sit idly by.

So yes I'm making excuses for not posting... so don't let me! Call me out on the carpet. Don't let me quit! Otherwise I just think I'm not very missed and why bother. And if that IS the case then I will continue to not post! LOL

So don't let your apathy kill me and I won't let mine kill you!


ax said...

Have you ever been accused of something (with all the right circumstancial evidence) that wasn't true at all. -and then all you could do was half smile, and say, "you're absolutely right?" But then that one accusation paints a completely wrong picture of who you really are while distorting your reputation... especially when the lies come from someone with a "voice." -And then it's not just one lie, because everything you do is then perceived by that one lie, so it becomes a whole buttload of misinterpretation. Let's face it, we believe what we want to believe about people. I don't care if you're a "leader." Just because you're a "leader" doesn't mean you're a "discerner of all evil!"

We're like little kids. -(I'll pull your hair and I'll be the little angel when you pull my hair and cry so you'll be the one getting in trouble and not me.)

Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job with this just because people don't post doesn't mean they are not reading what you are writing sometimes I have to read over things quite a few times before I can understand it. So don't quit!!
You never know what you may spark in another person.

tsanders said...

We all get discouraged at times and yes we are all busy. That is when you dig your feet in the ground and keep on keeping on. I do no believe you are a quitter so just shake yourself alittle bit and start again.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy everything you post even if sometimes it may seem over my head I still meditate on it untill I get something from it. Just because people do not post that doesn't mean they are not digesting what you have written so with that said there is no more

paul said...

I don't know the solution but I hope this helps: Change is an action, it's a transformation and it requires physical or emotional manifestation. Having said that I believe that this site can be a vehicle into change. It can ellicit a response or provoke feelings in which case we are then forced to process these thoughts and initiate a response or file them for later use. However, I believe we overlook the internalizing and reacting. We read, just like you are now. We mentally ascend to what we are reading, and this mental recognition may not even reach real levels of cognitive thought; in fact I believe that is the problem.
Stop speed reading through everything. Think... Meditate... Give each item a moment to sink in. I am grateful for the age of media we live in but I think it has become a windstorm of noise and we are having trouble listening in.
I'm grateful for this site. Yes, I've breezed through items in the past but I have also really evalutated some things I have read on this site.
Keep it up!!! Hey, why not go back and pull out some of the ,ore poignant posts and leave them open for some real discussion. Give each one a few days for responses and replies.
Thanks to all who have contributed and to the people who I do not know who have opened arenas of thought and awareness I didn't see otherwise.

Kave said...

Ken I have a question, if its a center for change and transformation who says that because one is not posting thought is not provoked? And in this could not change occur even without another posting a comment. You never know who may read and what thoughts are provoked! Say one day John the Baptist had a bad day and only 1 person came to here do you then stop what your doing or keep tracking on knowing what you've set in your heart to do, for you never know what tommorow may bring.

Ken Hendrix said...

Ok.. Ax... you are certainly grinding one. Sounds like you had a rough day... maybe a rough life. But slow down a minute. You can't change them. All you can change is you. Which are you... the person that the lie paints you to be ... or are you who you obviously are claiming differently in this post.

I ain't mad at ya... but slow your role... the "voices" that you are crediting to someone else... are the ones that are screaming at you. You want to deal with the lie... the deal with it. Don't just accept it. If it is coming from someone with a "voice" then get your butt up and go talk to them. But you better not go in with an "I know" attitude. You had best humble yourself and deal with them respectfully. I'll tell you this much grid your ax long enough and eventually you will be grinding yourself.

Sounds like the "voices" are certainly talking... but is it who you really think it is? or is it those "other voices" that are painting pictures that don't exist and scenarios that aren't real...

Ken Hendrix said...

For the rest of you ... thanks. I need a good jabbing every now and again. Keeps me fresh and going. Also... go check out the post about "why post"... I think you'll understand why I need your comments... although you are certainly right Kave. I'll keep posting... just don't leave me completely hangin'!