Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Ever wonder why a TV show called Heroes can become the most popular thing going?

Why now? Why this generation?

We will talk more and more about this... but the first question I have is Who is your favorite hero (or heroine)? I wanna know!

I'm finding that I love the rugged western outlaw type that plays both side of the law and determines his own brand of "justice"...hmmmm sounds similar to me...

I wonder if we all live our lives vicariously through our hero... or if the hero lives his life vicariously through us?

I watched the new tv show 3 lbs last night. I really like the show... but it was missing something. For me it wasn't believable... it was too perfect. It's like the 1st Matrix that Mr. Smith talked about that was utopian and perfect... yet everyone rejected it.

The doc just tells the patient her chances of living and dying and click she decides to do it. (the surgery involved stopping her heart) ... ok I don't care how much faith I have in doc... I'm gonna think about that one for a minute! It seemed like a tv show and not like real life. The odd thing is that there are alot of details that would make it more like real life that I don't mind it leaving out ... like the woman having to shave her head for surgery and those kinds of things my mind just lets them slip by and doesn't have an issue with... but the accuracy of the emotion ... that peeves me.

I guess I wondered a touch from just "heroes" but the point is that I think we find metaphors of our life on tv. I've heard accusations that we live vicariously through tv but I think the real danger is that TV lives vicariously through us. So the "decrepit" state of television today is merely a mild reflection of the reality that is us. .... scary thought.

PS I still want to know your favorite superhero.... I was always a Batman fan myself (or Spawn).


Kave said...

My favorite hero would have to be Mulan (from Walt Disney) a woman destined to be one thing but rises from what society says and becomes who she was ment to be.
I think we get so intangled with tv because for a brief moment in time we get to escape our own world and can imagine ourselfs in another. But its the same with books as well. But if you think someone wrote it, some one dreamed it, and some one imagined it. So in a sense a part of tv is a part of us, the scary thing is look where tv is going.
I have watched Mulan so many times that not even I can quote it over but my brothers as well. (Not for sure thats a good thing though :))
But what about fairytales, why can we not have a happliy ever after. If can be dreamed and imagined why not?

paul said...

I knew a guy in school; he had a shirt that said "kill your tv" Now don't interpet that as "kill yourself".
Having said that i think we're like the play "the tempest". I believe that we live our lives much like the protagonist Prospero. We exist physically in one form but our true self is driven by our "id" not "i" "d" but our super-ego, the one that exists in our souls at the deepest levels of emotion. Strip away enough layers and you'll see it in you too. Without any real discipline in our lives we become more and more base in our actions, more primal, if you'll allow me to say.
I believe another fantastic reference is Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" Take away all external constraints and leave a man with only himself to govern himself and you will see the true nature of a man. Like it or not the need for heroes, villians and the like is a true reflection of ourselves as a whole.
After all the measure of a man is not the life he claims to lead but the life that leads from him.

paul said...

I forgot to tell you my heroes. I'd have to say "the duke" or "the man with no name". I fyou know 'em fine, if not, oh well.

tade94208 said...

We not only live vicariously through our heroes, but they live through us as well.Our superheroes existence depends upon the fact that we mortals will always need assistance, and they will always have to come and save those in danger. In fact, helping those less fortunate than us, or those in danger is a common theme in humanity. Superheroes just embody this theme in ways that is out of our reach. Batman is a character that is within our grasp; it is doubtful that we will one day be exposed to gamma rays or bitten by a radioactive spider, and be given supernatural powers instead of the more likely result which is death. A character like Batman or even Ironman characters that use their mind, their physical ability, and technology forged with their own hands. People consider them their favorites because these characters you could not necessarily become, but you could be a person of their caliber.

tade94208 said...

oh yea and my favorite superhero would be Wolverine because the simple fact that projecting and retracting his claws are extremely painful to him, and that is what he uses as his weapon. He's just a beast