Sunday, January 18, 2009

God is Always With Me

Kingdom Kids Preschool Department Lesson Plans
Jan. 21, & 25
Theme: (2 month theme)
Jan/Feb- God is always with me (this is also our power verse)
Objective (What is the essential element or nugget that you want these children to leave with?): God uses children to fulfill His purposes and protects them.
Early Arrival activities

Slide show of sheep, lions, and bears playing in the background with noise.
David: God had a plan for him as a young child. He was faithful by taking care of the sheep. He fought off lions, bears using puppets and/or skit.

o Lion and Bear bowling (Wed)
o Lion, Lion, Bear (Duck, Duck, Goose) (Sun)
Craft: (Describe the craft; tell how it goes together, materials needed, if assistance will be needed for the children. Two year olds there will probably need to be some assistance depending on the craft.)
• Sunday: Chinese Lions
• Wednesday: Creating their own bear puppet
Sunday Snack:
Animal crackers and fruit
Susan-animal crackers

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