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GUTS 1/28/2009 - Change Wk 3 of 3


Wednesday 1/28/09

Change Wk 3


How do I change?

  • Ingredients for change

    • Meditating Word of God.

    • Confessing Word of God.

    • Targeted Faith & Prayer

    • Relationships (Church)

    • Pain – we often don't change until there is some type of pain of staying the same

    • Tongues

What are tongues?

  • The EVIDENCE that you are filled with the Holy Spirit

    • Tongues is a gift of the Holy Spirit; like any gift, you have to decide to receive it

    • EVIDENCE that we are believers- Mark 16:17

    • Just as a receipt is evidence you bought something, tongues is evidence that you have been filled with the Holy Spirit


    • Allows us to communicate with the Father. He is always with us- so we have a constant fellowship with Him

Why are tongues necessary?

  • Permanent change happens in your spirit, not with your circumstances; some things won’t change without tongues

    • Matthew 17:20-21

  • Pray Spirit-to-spirit

    • John 16:12-15

    • Guide us to truth by praying His perfect will

    • Builds up our new nature (edification) and encourages our faith

    • Pray the Unknown (mysteries)

  • Connection with God

    • John 14:16-17

    • We have POWER. The power which is of God is now manifested in our lives.

    • God is always with us and always in fellowship with us. GOD IS OUR 24/7 PHONE-A-FRIEND.

How can I receive tongues? How can I use it in my life?

  • You have to recognize that your heart needs to change (Mark 7:14-23)

  • You have to know that in your own strength and might, you cannot fix yourself. That’s why the Holy Spirit was sent to us- John 16:12-15

  • Receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (tongues)

  • Commit to praying in tongues daily to strengthen our faith, pray God’s perfect will [for our lives]l, give thanks and allow God access into our everyday lives

We want the students to leave knowing: We have many tools for change. However, permanent change begins in the spirit. Tongues is the evidence that our spirit is connected to God through the Holy Spirit, and because God is all-knowing and loves us, He helps us make the changes necessary to fulfill His perfect will for our lives.

Pre-Class Activity: (until 7:00PM)

As everyone comes into service, they will be given a small survey sheet, asking 5 questions about tongues.

  • Once they have answered the questions, it will be dropped in a bucket and tallied by Kaveri, who will put the information on PowerPoint for presentation later in the night

Teacher Note: Kaveri, Anessa and Mrs. Gail will help tally up the surveys for the PowerPoint presentation. I would like to see the number of “Yes” vs. “No” so I can present it as the survey says. **Please see the surveys and final sheet as has been emailed with this plan.**

Once everyone is seated we will ask them to change seats.

Welcome/Recap/Offering (7:00-7:05PM)

Kellee will talk about ATF...April 17-18.

We will ask everyone to change seats once again at this point.

Purpose: To start the night off with lots of fun energy and to get everyone thinking in the direction that will be heading for the night.

Apple Peeling Game (7:05-7:10PM)

The entire room will be divided up into 4-5 small groups and attempt to peel an apple with the following tools:

  1. Pencils- CHRISTE (in GUTS class)

  2. Straws- FRED (in Hole in Wall- behind bar)

  3. Spoons- SHARON (in GUTS class)

  4. Screwdrivers- TONY

  5. Scissors- KELLEE

  6. Guitar Picks- RICKY

Teacher Note: Each teacher will be responsible for gathering their own “tools.” Groups a-d will be the default groups. If we need up to 2 additional groups, we will utilize e & f.

Purpose: To provide a visual that there is a specific tool for specific jobs. When it comes to peeling an apple, a knife or peeler is the right tool. When it comes to change, the right tools are needed to provide the right changes in your life

Ingredients of Change” (7:10-7:30PM)

Briefly explain what we mean by change: permanent v. temporary change

  • Permanent change starts in spirit.- Temporal change starts in mind

  • Permanent change changes me – Temporal change changes circumstances

  • Sometimes permanent change starts with temporary change. Put yourself under law.

Although we have talked about change (what it is and standards) and the necessity for it, we have not discussed HOW to change.

We will begin the skit here, stating that we are going to make a “Cake of Change.” The cake is a metaphor of the change, which will take place in our lives.

Each ingredient will be labeled with one of the tools for change as discussed on Sun Night or Wed Night:

  • Egg = PAIN




  • Baking Soda = FASTING

  • Sugar, Vanilla and Salt = TARGETED FAITH & PRAYER

All of the ingredients will be placed neatly and with care on a table so that all can see. All the ingredients that need to be measured will be measured.

I will begin making our “cake.” All the ingredients will fall directly on the table. We are missing one main component to hold all of our ingredients- A BOWL/PAN.

Teacher Note: I will bring all the necessary ingredients for this part since I already have most of them at home. I decided to “crash” the ingredients on the table that way youth towards the back will be able to see also.

Purpose: To illustrate that tongues is the component of our spiritual walk that “gels” and consolidates our meditating, confessing, relationships and faith because it gives our spirits direct access to God.

What is Tongues? (7:30-7:35PM)

Purpose: To properly define what tongues are.

**At this time we will reveal the answers to the survey questions the youth answered at the beginning of the night. I will present the answers to the entire group with the help of a PowerPoint presentation.**

Tongues are essentially 2 things:

  • Evidence that we are believers and filled with the Holy Spirit- Mark 16:17

  • A prayer language that allows us to communicate with God- John 14:16-17

Why Are Tongues Necessary? (7:35-7:55PM)

Purpose: To explain why tongues are necessary in our lives


  1. Permanent change won’t occur in your life without tongues.

  2. Pray out of our spirit and build up our new nature (edification)

  3. It is our ultimate connection with God

* This connection gives us POWER because it is a direct source from God- this is how change occurs, miracles happen, our spirit man is build up

**Activity to Illustrate “The Power: (7:55PM-8:00PM)

Ricky will put on his electric guitar. He will strum it a few times without any connection.

  • We are able to do good things as we are. We are able to pray (strum!), worship (strum!), confess the word (strum!) and be faithful and committed servants to our Father.

  • However, our connection with God through the gift of the Holy Spirit [tongues] (Ricky will then take his guitar cable and hook it into an amp or the house monitors) allows an electrifying power to surge our new nature and amplify the things of God in our lives (The house speakers need to be extremely loud at this point, so that when Ricky strums the guitar, the sound is booming. This will over-exaggerate the illustration of the power tongues brings to our lives.

How do I receive Tongues? (8:00-until end of class)

Purpose: To give each youth the opportunity to receive the gift of speaking in tongues, the first step to permanent change in their lives.

A few things need to be in place in order to receive the gift of tongues:

    1. Salvation- you need to be saved.

    2. You are receiving a gift of the Holy Spirit, not the Holy Spirit himself

    3. Choose to receive the gift of tongues

    4. Pray daily

We will do an altar call for the following purposes:

  1. Receive Salvation (if necessary)

  2. Receive the Holy Spirit

  3. Receive grace to become “unstuck” in your prayer life

Teacher Note: We need to make sure that youth who are not in the altar call are assigned to some capacity to help with drapes and catchers. We also need about 2 teachers (Ricky and Kellee, if not occupied) to help keep watch of the overall service, identifying where help is needed and when. All the other teachers can be involved in the line.

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