Sunday, January 18, 2009

God is Always With Me

Kingdom Kids Preschool Department Lesson Plans
Theme: (2 month theme)
Jan/Feb- God is always with me (this is also our power verse)
Objective (What is the essential element or nugget that you want these children to leave with?): God was with Jesus from birth just like he is with them.
Early Arrival activities (These should be activities that any child can participate in no matter what time they arrive and can end at the time when class is scheduled to start; Wed.-7:00, Sun.-10:00. Also, explain how the games are played, what is needed, and who will be responsible for the activity.):
• Dramatic play-role playing- mom, dad, grandparents, etc…
o Then do a fashion show
Story (Please list the story and how it will be presented; skit, puppets, felt board etc… and tell what will be happening. If you are doing a skit-, write out the parts. If you are using felt board pieces list how you will use them. For example, will the children be helping you place them on the board, etc…?)
Story is about Moses as a baby. How God took care of him when the Pharoah was going around killing the 2 yr old boys and God had a plan for him to become a leader to lead His people out of Egypt.
Wed: Show the very first part of the Prince of Egypt where Moses is a baby in a basket in the river.
• This is to be shown using a computer and the infocus machine and a large white sheet.
Sun: The children can re-inact the story of Moses

Games: (Please describe how games are played and what is needed for each game)
• Relay race-
o Teachers with water bottles to squirt them as they come down the river as they scoot down on the scooters. There is a mom at one end of the river and the princess at the other end to represent the baby leaving his mom and going to the princess.
o Hide baby Moses to hunt
Craft: (Describe the craft; tell how it goes together, materials needed, if assistance will be needed for the children. Two year olds there will probably need to be some assistance depending on the craft.)
• Sunday: Baby Moses Craft
• Wednesday: Edible craft-wheat thins, squeeze cheese, raisins
Sunday Snack:
Blue Jello-to represent water, and gummy bears to represent Moses

Wheat thins-Susan
Blue Jello-Ronda

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