Monday, March 23, 2009

Nursery Department 3-26-09

March 26 & 29

Power Verse: God is Great and He makes me great
Check-in: Bill (Sunday) Susan (Thursday)
Opening Activity: Centers-Melody
Praise & Worship: Matthew
Offering/prayer: Bill
Story: Rahab Melody (Sunday) Rita (Thursday)
Craft: Graham crackers with licorice that is red, use marshmallow crème to hold in place
Graham crackers-Matthew
Red licorice-Wanda
Marshmallow crème- Susan

• Using bricks, build a wall with a window, and have the children act out the story. They talk to Rahab and she hides them. Then when Rahab leaves they knock the wall down.
• Hunt the scarlett rope game

• Sunday: Melody
• Thursday: Rita

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