Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nursery Department

Nursery Dept. Lesson plans for March 12 & 15, 2009
Wanda & Randy have PM nursery so they will be in the sanctuary during the AM services this month. Thursday night teachers will be filling in.
March 15: Susan
March 22: Rita
March 29: Melody
New Beginnings
Power Verse: God is Great and He makes me great
Early Arrival Activity:
Praise & Worship:
• Sunday: Matthew
• Thursday:Susan
Offering & Prayer: Rita- Thursday Susan- Sunday
Rahab (2 wks)(Thursday: Melody) (Sunday-Bill)
• Phase 1-helps the spies and helped them to escape
• Phase 2-When they came to do battle her scarlett thread helped to save her family
• Objective:
Thursday-make their own strings from playdough where they can manipulate and create their own rope.
(edible craft)Sunday
Graham crackers with licorice that is red, use marshmallow crème to hold in place
Graham crackers-Matthew
Red licorice-Wanda
Marshmallow crème- Susan

• Using bricks, build a wall with a window, and have the children act out the story. They talk to Rahab and she hides them. Then when Rahab leaves they knock the wall down.
• Hunt the scarlett rope game

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