Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Nursery Department

Theme: A New Beginning
Central Truth: God made the Animals
Opening Activity: (Thurs.-Susan & Melody) (Sunday-Bill & Matthew)
As students arrive, have them go to different centers that are centered around the different animals. Have a teacher at each center to interact with them.
Center one: Ocean animals (Susan, Matthew)
Directions: have students explore through the seaweed to find the different water animals and see if they can name them. Discuss who made them. Then have them hide them back for the next group.
• Materials:
o Very large container (metal one like the use in apple bobbing or a small wade pool) with water.
o Plant life (artificial plants)
o Ocean animals
Center two: land animals (Melody, Bill)
Directions: Hide, outside, land animals and have the children hunt for all the animals. Discuss where they came from. See if they can name them all. Then have them hide them for the next group.
• Materials:
o Land animals (plastic)
o yard

Praise/Worship/offering/powerverse/ (Thursday-Susan) (Sunday-Wanda)
Story: (Thursday-Rita) (Sunday-Bill)
Using the land animals, retell the story of how God created the animals and how Adam gave them their names. Then break into small groups and help the children retell the story by using probing questions.
You could start by asking how the animal where formed. The answer should be with God’s spoken words. Then ask how they got their names, Adam gave them their names.

Puppet skit/drama could also be done: (Thursday-Rita/Susan) (Sunday-Bill/Mattew/Randy)
Characters: Sally, Sue, Juan, Michael
Setting: Sally and Juan are outside in their yard watching the squirrels run up the trees and jumping from tree to tree. They are waiting for Sue and Michael to show up. Then Sue and Michael arrive.

Sue: “Hi Sally. Hi Juan. What are you doing?”
Sally: “We are watching these squirrels running up and down the trees.”
Juan: “and jumping back and forth”
Michael: “ Why are you doing that?”
Juan: “We were trying to kill time while waiting on you two to show up.”
Sue: “Sally, did you ever wonder where the squirrels come from?”
Michael: “They come from their mothers.” (slapping his leg and laughing)
Sue: “That is not funny. I am serious!”
Sue: “How did they get here?”
Sally: “ I can tell you how they got here and how they got their names.”
Sue and Juan: “Really? How do you know so much?”
Sally: “I learned about it at church.”
Juan: “Really?”
Michael: “Sure. They teach a lot of great things about all living things and nonliving things at our church.”
Sally: “Do you want me to tell you how the animals came to earth and how they got their names?”
Juan & Sue: “Sure!”
(Sally tells how God had already created everything else and now it was time to put some animals on the planet. Then he put man on the planet and man gave the animals their names.)
Sue & Juan: “WOW! I never knew.”
Juan: “Thank you so much for telling us! Can you imagine having the job of giving the animals their names, man that was a job!”
Sally: “ We had better be going if we want to get to the movie theatre before the movie starts.”
Sue, Juan, & Michael: “ Let’s get going.” (They exit the stage)

Game: (Thursday-Melody) (Sunday-Matthew)
Animal relay
• Split into two teams
o Then split the team in half
 Line split team mates at two different ends of the room or a pre-determined distance.
• Materials:
At one end, have children jump like a frog while trying to bounce a balloon down to the person at the other end without dropping.
o The next person in line at that end has to bounce it all the way back to the other side to the next person. This goes on until they have changed sides.
(Option: you could have them start over if the balloon hits the floor. Just consider the age. We also have to be very careful with the balloons, if one pops, immediately get ALL the pieces up and continue the game. You can make variations by adding using a ball instead of a balloon.

Craft: (Thursday-Susan #2) (Sunday-Wanda #1)
Make sure that while they are working on creating their Jello animals, talk about the different animals that God made and emphasize that He made them. That is what we want them to leave with.
1. Make Jello Jigglers Jello ahead of time in 4 different pans. Let the chidren press the animal of their choice into the Jiggler Jello and press. The will probably need assistance in getting it out. They get to eat their animal.
a. Materials
i. Pre-made jello in 4 pans
ii. Cookie cutters in different animal shapes
iii. Napkins/plates
iv. Spatula
2. Using playdough or clay that can dry, have children create their own animal. Set it outside to dry.
a. Materials
i. clay

Bring them back to the mat and see if they can tell who made the animals. Have them rename them.


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