Thursday, November 09, 2006

Who made violence bad?

Who made violence bad?

Ever thought about it? I guess we should start by defining violence...

According to

vi‧o‧lence  [vahy-uh-luhns] –noun
1. swift and intense force: the violence of a storm.

There are 2 critical pieces of information in this definition.

It is a noun.... violence is a noun! It is not an action... Often violence creates images of actions that we often associate with violence, but those are seperate actions. They are not violence.

Secondly it is swift and intense force. It is a noun that is swift and intense. Boy doesn't that rock your thoughts of violent people.

For me it clarified what it means for me to BE VIOLENT. The bible says that since the time of John the Baptist the Kingdom of God suffereth violence, but the Violent TAKE IT BY FORCE.

Therefore, if I am going to truly be a radical agent of the kingdom, then I must BE, not momentarily in action... but I must be (a noun is a being thing) a SWIFT & INTENSE FORCE!

Are you violent enough? Are you swift and intense? Or are just some of your actions swift and intense?

One difference in the Islamics and the Buddhist, is that they have figured out how to BE violent, not just ACT violent. They ARE swift and intense! You cannot seperate them from it!

ARE you swift and intense? ARE YOU VIOLENT?

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