Wednesday, January 31, 2007

100th post!

Wow. We are already to our 100'th post!

In honor of the big Centennial, I want everyone to tell me what your favorite post you have read! If it's a comment that is fine too. Hopefully this post will get more comments than #99. I would love for everyone to at least give me something. Let me know what spurred you, what inspired you, what changed you, and what shook you... I want to know what made you mad, what made you sad, what made you glad!

Share with us some of the change you have experienced... hopefully some of it due to this blog since you started reading! Not that we are anything special here at Change Addicts, but we do care about those real addicts out there and knowing what has changed in your life!

Once again, thanks for your continued support and I look forward to much more to come of this in the months and years to come!


tlstvns said...

I think that all of the posts are great and timely. My favorite though is "American Idols" because it calls our attention back to the fact that no one can serve two masters. The person that we have set up may not know that they hold that position, however, it can be a very devastating wall to destroy once you see it. It could be a spouse, child, parent, friend,or anyone that holds our respect. Often we place greater importance on what that person thinks,says or feels than we do God and His purpose for our lives. It is an area that everyone needs to examine in their own lives.

Kave said...

I can not choose a particular blog, but I can say that this blogspot has helped me in the area of not being afraid to express my opinion or views, being right or wrong. So congradualtions on the 100th blog and thanks!

Cyn said...

I know this post has been up for a while but I needed some time to go back and recap everything. I've learned (from myself and others) that I am an analyzer, sometimes to a fault. At first, I would have opinions about certain things in the blog but I would "convince" myself that my thoughts were wrong before I even uttered them to another person. It wasn't until I actually had to write a blog or two while Ken was out of town that I broke through. I had to realize that it's normal to think that I'm right in my "world" and that I need others (and more than one) to interject into my "world" so I can learn the truth, even if that means my perception on somethings are warped. It's not about being right, it's about being honest about what's in me and curious about what's out there. So kudos to everyone who is apart of this community!

emil"i" said...

Wanting to avoid this whole website? -oh, yeah. ...But... for some reason I couldn't resist the opportunity. Instead of seeing what should have been, could have been, or would have been, I've had to face REALITY. Instead of making excuses; I've had to admit that I was wrong. Instead of always seeing the negative, I was "forced" to see the positive. Don't ask me how or why, but I think it's allowed me to take steps that I otherwise wouldn't have taken, like typing this for example. Maybe I was "tricked" into it :) But for right now... that's fine with me.