Friday, July 21, 2006

Leader or Follower?

What is the difference in a leader and a follower?



paul said...

A leader can go places that others can only follow someone into. A leader is someone who will exchange popularity and recognition for a life of purpose. A leader may be afraid of failure but they won't let that stop them from trying, but a leader won't be satisfied with trying. As Yoda once said "do or do not; ther is no try" A leader refuses to accept things at face value. A leader questions authority. Not to be disrespectful but to gain a deeper understanding of the how and why. A leader may never be known until he is dead and in the ground and he has established a thing that will long outlive him but not a monument; a movement. A leader will lead people. They must. Without people a leader is only a delusional person. A leader must establish a way of thinking into people so that the people around them will not remain followers but be inspired to become leaders themselves.
One by one. Day by Day. That is how lives are changed and changing lives will change the world.

Em said...

A leader is a servant. Their true heart is to push others up, and in turn they are pushed up. (However, this is never their motive.) A follower, is someone who does not question. They may be chloric and controlling, but they have no influence.
I think you could have a room full of a hundred people and everyone of them could be a leader, and STILL WORK TOGETHER. Leadership is not something you do, it is something you are.
A true leadership does not have to have a postion, a title, a spotlight, a stage, a microphone, or even a large group of followers. (Jesus only had 12 disciples. Granted, there were others who followed him, but his core was only twelve people.) Leadership, when done right, does not look like the leadership I think of. Comparing Jesus in my head, to the supersaints of today, I see two TOTALLY different people. And which one changed the world forever? My vision of leadership is warped, but atleast I know it! LOL