Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Steve Irwin... The Freak!

Steve Irwin… too passionate? Yep.

Steve Irwin… too passionate? Nope.

Better know your values system.

Are you here to die for your cause, or live for it?

Most people are all for passion as long as it’s what you live for. But what about when it becomes what you die for? Can you still be passionate then?

It’s the FREAKS who rule the world. Steve Irwin… Freak. Soichiro Honda… Freak. Tiger Woods… Freak. Michael Jordan… Freak. Hitler… Freak. Tom Peters… Freak. Jesus Christ… Freak. Columbus…Freak. Jack Welch… Freak. Jimmy Hendrix… Freak. Da Vinci… Freak. Julius Caesar… Freak.

When was the last time someone called you a freak? If they haven’t… then are you really passionate? I don’t mean freak in a good light. I mean when was the last time someone told you that you are absolutely insane. Soichiro Honda… shows up at board meetings drunk and naked… CAR FREAK. Tiger Woods… grows up without any kind of life at all except for holding a golf club… GOLF FREAK. Hitler… Kills 6 million people with insane efficiency while motivating 50 million more… PSYCHO FREAK! Jimmy Hendrix… mimics sexual relations on stage with his Guitar and mocks the national anthem… FREAK. Da Vinci… Dreams up thousands of ideas that are centuries ahead of their time only to become demented, possessed, and obsessive…FREAK! Julius Caesar… Marches on his own hometown with a full army in order to take over… FREAK! Steve Irwin… Gets stabbed in the heart by a sting ray while swimming with the oceans deadliest animals, for an uncountable number of times… CONSERVATIONIST FREAK!


Don’t copy Freaks, that just makes you an idiot. Become a FREAK… that makes you a leader. The world needs more obsessive, compulsive, A.D.D., insanely odd people! Raise your freak bar… and hurry up about it!

Please FREAK out!


paul said...

Freak. I might define it as someone, who in their normal state is considered by social standards to be very much an unacceptable citizen.
In my life I have been the accuser and the accused but more often than not I have been the accused. Eventually I begin to hide my uncomely parts to escape persecution from the standardized society I just spoke of, but one can only hide from oneself for a time. Little by little you will reveal yourself to the rest of the world for what you truly are. Whether in conduct or speech you will reveal the garrish and horrific, the extreme and fanatical, the obsessive and compulsive behaviors that make you who you are. It is not the beautiful edifice we erect that truly represents our souls but rather the uncomely parts, coarse and rough, untouched by the need for acceptance. Naked. All things public and exposed without apology or sympathy.
Freak? Not as much as I used to be but in the words of David Crosby "I feel like letting my freak flag fly" from the CSNY song "Almost Cut My Hair"

Cyn said...

I had my first real experience with that last week. I'm not to the point of Soichiro Honda or Julius Caesar by any stretch of the imagination, but I've got to start somewhere.
I'm in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmacy is one of my passions. A local came in the store that our chashier knew. She asked him about his job and his sister. His sister works at Dixie Stampede in Tennessee and he works on cars for 3 NASCAR drivers. She was telling us about it and saying what cool jobs they had. Something hit me and without thinking I said "Oh yeah, we have boring jobs; we're just saving lives here." Everyone working that day looked at me like I was from outer space. One girl said "all we do is fill prescriptions." That experience of standing alone and not backing down seriously marked me. I could have said "yeah you're right" but if each bottle of pills was just precription instead of a life that can be influenced, it would be tough for me to be passionate about a bottle of pills.
So I guess that makes me Cynthia Jones... saving lives with little bottles of pills... on my way to becoming a FREAK!

Kellee said...

A freak’s passion echos from beyond the grave. As far as active, fully expressed passion, I would have to say that to some extent that dies with the individual, but I think the echos can be heard beyond the grave. They are seen and heard in books, video, and other physical marks left by the individual. In Steve Irwin’s case, I would have to say a part of his passion was to educate the world about the things he loved. Why else record and produce all his encounters? That part of his vision will continue and impact others for years to come.

If your passion is for you and you alone, what’s the point? Not to say by any means that I am the most passionate or “freakish” person, but to me it seems that true passion influences more than just one person. True passion and drive should be felt even when you’re not there. It will be a part of those who remain and the passion will continue be expressed. Freaks will leave their mark and others will ALWAYS see.

According to dictionary.com one of the definitions of a freak is a strange deviation from nature. Combining that thought with the recent revelation that everything matters, one could say that the normal nature of things is to remain desensitized to the world around us. The freaks are the ones who care, they are the ones to whom things matter. Whether we realize it or not, if we chose to live a life that is full of things that matter, we are taking on the life of a freak.

Ken Hendrix said...

Kell you summed it up!